March 22, 2011

Working on Motor

A detail shot from the turbine room at the Pacific Mill. Its hard to imagine the work, care and attention that must have gone into working the dozens of levers, knobs, and gages mounted to the thick slate control panel wall.

This was one of my favorite shots from my visit. The simple wooden signs are so high tech!

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  1. I really love this shot, Bob. The composition is perfect and the processing is just fantastic. Looks like a pretty complicated machine.

  2. This sign works really well in front of the ‘Do Not Start’ sign in the background. Great angle, focus, and processing Bob!

  3. Great detail shot, Bob. I agree with you in that this is one of my favorites as well. I wonder how long those signs have been hanging there?

  4. Such an awesome shot. I really like all the little details in this shot and the contrast of the sign color to the metal. Fabulous shot!

  5. The image really evokes the level of trust the workers must have for each other. I would be concerned if I were working on the motor and the only thing protecting me were that sign, unless I really knew and trusted my co-workers.