March 25, 2011

Do Not Energize Under Any Circumstances

Loosely translated, I think “Do Not Energize Under Any Circumstances” means “Whatever you do, don’t cross the streams.” (movie reference … anyone get it?).

Anyway … Here is another shot from my impromptu Detail Series. Its another shot from the turbine room in the Pacific Mill.

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  1. Makes you wanna flip the switch and see why you cant flip the switch…lol

    Great shot Bob.

  2. Wow Bob – you are on a roll this week with tight shots, interesting subjects and great processing/detail. I love this, makes me want to flip it to see what happens.

  3. I am with the rest of the crew here, I wanna flip that baby, and I wanna flip it bad! Of course, I brought my good sneakers with me today so I can run like the wind…. LOL What a great image today, Bob, I truly love it!

  4. I love a picture with a story behind it and this one obviously has one (what would happen if you were to energise this, I wonder?). The Ghostbusters reference brings back very old memories for me since that was the first movie I ever took a date to 🙂