March 28, 2011

The Duck Mill

Ahh … spring on the canals.

The Duck Mill is part of an urban renewal project now under way in Lawrence. The Union Crossing project will breathe new life into a handful of mill buildings, converting them to residences and recreation areas.

I am hoping to shoot this building before work begins. However, it may already be too late.

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  1. Really awesome use of lines and color here. I really like how the windows stand out so much from the building facade. Cool shot!

  2. This shot reminds me very much of one I took at the Malden Mill but had a totally different tone. I love the one I took and I love this one just as much. Solid dude!

  3. Really great shot Bob…love the random repetitions – the 3 awnings on the lower left, the “X-ed” out windows on the top left, etc. The framing really does it for me.

  4. Cool patterns in the windows, love how small groups of them are very similar, but on the grand scale there’s lots of variety. Hope you manage to get in there.

  5. Thanks guys! @Mark. I do like shooting these mill facades. It’s part of my “mill preservation” photographic quest.