April 4, 2011

Washington Heights

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Stir craziness got the better of me today. It had been a couple of weeks since I had been out to shoot recreationally, so I stole an hour for a quick solo photo walk at the mills. I brought one lens: the 80-200 f2.8. Is a great lens that seldom gets the exercise it needs.

The long lens was refreshing. It forced me to isolate features of the buildings in a way I couldn’t with any of my go-to wide lenses. Since I went with a “new” lens I decided to try to get out of my comfort zone in terms of composition and processing. With the clear blue sky providing a clean backdrop, I thought I’d go the minimalist route on a few shots.

This one is of the top floor of the facade of the Washington Mill. Its one of the empty buildings in the area, with an uncertain future.

I hope you like it.

On Another note:
Be sure to check out the latest HDR Collaboration at Mark Garbowski’s Blog. In addition to Mark’s and my version of Mark’s cool shot of Industrial Queens, NY, you’ll be treated to versions by Mike CriswellJimmy Denham,  Scott Frederick and Rob Hanson, Be sure to check out their blogs as well. You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. Stir crazy paid off! Love the simplicity… with the broken windows and weathered facade, the building has a story to tell and you tease that here… well done!

  2. Nice post for sure, and great shot, I need to adopt the take only one lens theory when I go out and give it a try, sweet collab entry as well!