April 5, 2011


Another shot from my short Sunday photo walk. As I mentioned yesterday, I tried to grab some stark shots against the clear sky. I’m particularly happy about giving this shot that treatment.

The building is the Pemberton Mill in Lawrence, Massachusetts. The original mill was built in 1853. On January 10, 1860 around 5:00 PM, the Pemberton collapsed, trapping dozens of workers.

Most of the estimated 145 people (mostly women and children workers) killed didn’t die in the initial collapse. They died in the ensuing fire, caused by a rescue worker’s lantern.

It is still considered one of the worst industrial accidents in America.

The collapse was due to substandard construction, an overload of heavy equipment, and other factors.

The mill was quickly rebuilt. The only part of the original structure is the square smokestack. I wanted to highlight that smokestack.

Today the Pemberton Mill is owned by Iron Mountaion and used for storage. If you know anyone at Iron Mountain, tell them I want to get inside and shoot the Pemberton.

Read more about the Pemberton Mill Disaster on Wikipedia.

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  1. Bob this is awesome… I dunno how you did it, but it almost feels like it’s casting a shadow on the background, or a part of it. Crazy!

  2. This composition really adds a sense of mystery to the place – I’m not quite sure how, but it just does. I like it!