April 6, 2011

Pemberton Resurrected

[singlepic id=1324 w=850 float=center]

Here is another shot of the Pemberton.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, after the Pemberton’s collapse, killing around 140 workers, it was rebuilt. The more I read of the history, the more fascinated I am. The stories of survival, heroism and tragedy are riveting.

Miracle Escapes:
“Three young women, members of a family of seven, named Luck, were all in the mill at the time of the fall, all of whom escaped without serious injury. One of them, Jane Luck, after being buried five hours beneath the ruins, was rescued without receiving so much as a scratch. Anna, one of the oldest sisters, was standing near her loom when the crash came. She instantly threw herself under the loom, and called to Elizabeth Fish and Phelia Barnes to follow her example. They did so, and were all three [were saved]. The Luck sisters had one uncle killed and another fatally injured. All these girls were, near the windows.”

Recovery of Bodies:
“Two or three hundred people stood sadly gazing upon the smoldering fragments, and a few men and women wandered over the vast funeral pyre and gazed into the dreadful depths with the vain hope of discovering some intimation of life, or relic of the dead. But little labor was done at excavation during that day, but on Friday a hundred men were at work, and the overhauling and removal of the rubbish progressed rapidly. Derricks were raised over the parts of the ruins where the most weighty masses were, and long trenches in the complicated masses of machinery, filled with men at work with hands and tools, indicated the progress of the labors. From this time until near the close of the succeeding week bodies were almost hourly recovered and conveyed to the dead-room at the City Hall.”


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  1. I’m loving these simple composition shots Bob along with the gorgeous mute grey in the background. Wonderful job!