April 9, 2011

The Steps to Redemption

A few weeks ago I started revisiting my images from St John the Baptist Church in Lowell. Here is another from that series.

When I originally processed these, I was pretty new to HDR but thought I had the process nailed. I thought HDR was all about saturation and detail, and tried process everything accordingly. I made sure you could see every detail, and tried to bring out colors not found in nature.

I’ll never claim I’ve mastered any aspect of photography, or any particular technique … That would just be arrogant. But when I revisit older images and reprocess them to a higher level, I like to think I’ve redeemed myself.

How bad was the old image? You be the judge:

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  1. I wouldn’t say that either image is better than the other, they are just processed differently, one going for detail the other for a more dreamy effect.

    We all have our own style and have evolved from our beginnings, of course we continue to do so, I have no doubt that all photographers would process ‘old’ images differently now and more than likely do a different job again in 12 months time!

    Not having been there I cant say for sure, but the bottom one is closer to the ‘real world’, but the top one is more pleasing to my eye. Both excellent for different reasons.

  2. I agree with Mark, both images are good, just processed in a different style. I’m definitely more of a fan of the re-process as I think it adds more mood and history to the image than the first take.