April 12, 2011

Acadian Tide

Another dip into the archive last night revealed this shot from about three years ago, which I dutifully reprocessed. I grabbed it on one of my summer camping trips with my youngest son at Acadia National Park.

I remember obsessively trying to capture the ocean water dancing around the rocks and weeds as it broke on the shore. I kept adjusting my shutter speed, trying to catch the right range of motion.

For some reason, I overlooked this image when I went through them. I was probably more focussed on the ones I shot at dawn or dusk.

After a three year hiatus, this one now works for me. Figured it should see the light of day.

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  1. And indeed it should see the light of day, Bob, what a great capture my friend! You’ve really inspired me to try and do more work on the seashore like this, your results are incredible good sir!

  2. Great photo! It’s amazing how, if you go back through old photos, you will love something more now than you did then based on the types of things you are / were working on. I was doing the same last night and found some nice shots that I’ll have to share in upcoming posts as well.