April 15, 2011

A Favor

I’m revisiting an older image for today’s image, but for a good reason. I need a favor.

I’ve been photographing the mills of lawrence for a couple of years now and, as I’ve mentioned, I will be exhibiting a series of them at the Lawrence History Center during the month of May (Preservation Month). The prints are in and plans are under way for a mid-month reception. I’m really excited about it!

However, in a meeting yesterday morning we were trying to come up with a name for the exhibit. While I thought “Bob’s Pictures” would work, I was told it needs to be something that will actually compel people to come. Silly me.

That’s where you come in. I’m looking for naming suggestions for the an exhibit of my mill images. Yes, I do “Urbex” and my mill images are part urbex. But my motivation for shooting them is less about urban decay, and more about preservation of regional and national history. So … please put your marketing caps on and help us name the exhibit. Some keywords to consider … Preservation, mills, industry, industry,  industrial revolution, industrial age, Lawrence.

If we use your suggestion, you’ll get a mill print of your choosing. And a big ‘thank you!’ Maybe two ‘thank you’s’!

Comment away.

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  1. Did you also suggest Bob’s Great Pictures? If they reject that (fools though they be), “Comb, Rove, Warp and Woof: The Fabric if America at The Lawrence Mills – A Visual History”

  2. Beauty image Bob and congrats on the show! I’m afraid titles are something I struggle with, however, I do like Mark’s first suggestion!

  3. “The Fabric if America” should of course be “The Fabric Of America”, and I might replace “A Visual History” with “A Photographic Preservation”
    By the way, if you like even any portion of my excessive verbiage, feel free to mix and match it with someone else’s idea and she/he can have the print. Just trying to help.

  4. Great shot mate! I really enjoy this vantage point.

    How about “The Message of the Mills”? or “The Story of the Lawrence Mills”?

    Congrats on the exhibit. Wish I was there to see it.

  5. Wonderful to see your photos on exhibit! I can’t wait. How’s this for a title:
    Threads of Time – Preserving Lawrence’s Living Industrial Heritage

  6. Preservation of the Mills of Lawrence – A Photographic Journey. Wonderful opportunity for you!

  7. Congrats Bob! Have a great time. Sorry, no suggestions for you. I have a heck of a time naming things.

  8. “Blood Sweat and Gears: The Industrial History of Lawrence, Massachusettes”

  9. “Bob on Lawrence; The forgotten Mill”
    Tough to come up with something catchy, but this is the best I can do so far. Best of luck with the event. 🙂

  10. If these mills are in jeopardy if closing as they are where I live, then I suggest: Hard Edge Stories in a Hard Luck Town

  11. Given you unprecedented access to the places you will be showing, I rather like the idea of “Run of the Mill” but perhaps that’s a but self-deprecating? Maybe “Not Exactly Run of the Mill”?

  12. “A Million Memories” – subtitle: ‘The Legacy Of The Lawrence Mills’

    It’s not often you can put a tasteful pun into the title 🙂

    I stupidly read the above comments before I started thinking of ideas, and particularly liked that provided by Barbara Youngleson so I think that suggestion crept into my own, credit therefore to Barbara.