April 16, 2011

Rail Line

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A shot of the lone freight car that Brian Matiash and I shot last Sunday on a very short shooting adventure in Manchester New Hampshire.  While Brian attacked with the fisheye, I went for a longer view with the 24 PC-E.

This car was sitting alone, on the end of a line. While we were shooting Brian asked me if the rails were still used. I had been in the area a couple of times, but don’t recall seeing any trains, so I confidently said, “I don’t think so.”  We ignorantly kept shooting away.

Later in the week I was back in the area for a function at a new health care facility and to my surprise, I saw a very long line of freight cars rumbling along the same tracks we were shooting a few days earlier. Sorry Brian.

On another note:
I want to thank everyone who contributed naming ideas for my upcoming show. There are so many great possibilities! I’m going to compile them and run them by the show hosts. We’ll pick one, or develop one based on a couple of suggestions. As promised, if yours is chosen, I’ll be happy to get you a print, if you so desire. Stay tuned.

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