April 17, 2011

Off Centered

[singlepic id=1338 w=850 float=center]

I really need to double check my framing when I’m in the field.  I had this shot all lined up, convinced that I was perfectly centered on the bridge. But when I got it into Lightroom, I discovered it was off a bit.

Nonetheless, I liked the light and shadow play across the base and the stillness of the water from the 30 second exposure. I used the B&W 10 stop on this one.

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  1. I like a little imperfection every now and then! Love the tones, shadows, and reflections regardless of how off-center it is!

  2. I’ve got my version cued up to post soon, too. Very cool turn out with the muted colors. I went the other direction and played off of the cool tones using the Lee Big Stopper.

    You were off-centered likely because my tripod moved yours a bit when I staggered them together. 🙂

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