April 18, 2011

At the Gun

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By the time this hits my Blog, I will be sitting on a bus in Hopkinton, Massachusetts waiting for the start of the 115th Boston. At 10:20 AM, when the second wave starts, I’ll be on my way to Boston. It will be my 15th Boston Marathon (hey … I’ve only missed 100!).

There is no sense of purpose for this one, no hard goal. It will be a nice easy long run with friends. As easy as a 26.2 mile run can be.

This image is is from the 2009 Boston Marathon. An injury prevented me from running that year, so I filled the void with my other passion … photography. I reprocessed it in an effort to quell the pre-race jitters. I wanted to give it a vintage feel. It just felt appropriate.

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  1. Thats a really good image – nice Pov and great to see everyone checking their watches as they go over the line.

    Hope you made a good time and achieved your goal!