April 21, 2011

Its Been a Long, Cold Lonely Winter

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If you are from this area, you know the Lowell Sun Building. Its an icon. Smack dab in the middle of the city, the building’s “SUN” reminds everyone that the Paper of Record in the city was on the job.

I can’t tell you how many times I drove past this building in my life. Between the weekly trips across town to my grandparent’s house with my dad as a kid, to my days in college, when I drove a truck for the paper. To this day, It hasn’t changed a bit.

So yeah, OK … a bit of nostalgia today. Thus the square crop and vintage feel (thank you onOne PhotoTools).

About the title … I shot this in the dead of winter, when muddy snow banks lined the streets, ruining any shot, unless you like muddy snow banks. I don’t. So I looked up and saw this icon.

And its been a long time since I’ve posted a random rock lyric, so there it is in the title. Its a simple one, especially given the image.

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  1. I find this image really interesting because of all the lines. The windows, the top of the building on the left and all the fire escapes. Very nice.

  2. This process gives it a tilt-shift feel. I like the fire escapes as well, although I’d definitely never want to have to use one.