April 26, 2011

Duck Steps

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I spent this past Saturday exploring a new old mill with my friend, Brian Matiash.  And what better way to introduce the interior of this mill than with a stairwell?

As I’ve mentioned here before, the Duck Mill is slated for renovation. As part of the Union Crossing project, the Duck Mill will be converted to residential property. A this point, the building has some commercial residents, one of who’s proprietors graciously offered us coffee during our visit.

This initial image is a vertical panorama (vertorama) taken with the 24mm PCE lens. It is one of my favorite uses for that lens. Its like a three step ultra-wide lens, only with little or no distortion.

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  1. I especially like the richness of the dark wood on the stair railing and the grit on the walls. I also like how all the angles of the stairs, rails and the line in the brick works together.
    Great shot, amazing details.

  2. Awesome shot. Excellent composition, love the color of the wood and textures on the brick walls. Great work.

  3. really cool processing, love those bricks. Question, on the center floor in that shot, what’s hanging there?

  4. Stairs ROCK – lovely composition with the windows lining up well to go with the door in the top right giving a bit of mystery.