April 27, 2011

New Oxford

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I knew I wanted to shoot this old school desk as soon as I saw it. As interesting as it was sitting alone, the water dripping off of the desktop made it that much more compelling to me. I love the detail in the iron frame of the desk and the rich quality of the wood.

Also, you can see on the upper right hand corner of the desktop, the hole for the ink well. Think about it … an open container of toxic material on every child’s desk! How did our parents and grandparents survive?

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  1. Bob – I love that you captured the name of the manufacturer and all the lovely details of the iron work.

    Is the Mill Pictures display open to the public? A friend and I have been following your images of the Mills and would love to see them.

  2. Awesome photo the textures and tones look great. To answer you question,”How did our parents and grandparents survive” simple Darwin! The stupid kids who drank the ink didn’t make it.