April 28, 2011

The Flood

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I seem to remember the flood taking place in the spring of 2005, but according to the exif data, I captured this image on May 15, 2006. Oh well, I’m only off by about a year.

This is a shot of the Merrimack River in Lawrence, between doses of what seemed like unceasing rain. I was standing on top of the wall that overlooks the Riverwalk. That would be the area of water on front of the trees. Its a 10-15 foot drop to the riverwalk, normally. When I took this shot, the water was about 2 feet below the top of the wall.

I always thought this had a timeless quality to it. It could be an image of a flood from a century ago. Of course, the fact that my ISO was cranked up to 1600 (on my old D70) could be a factor.

On another note:
I wanted to give you quick update on the upcoming show at the Lawrence History Center. All of the images are in and will be hanging them this weekend. The show opens on Monday, May 2.

The show is called, “Threads of Time – Preserving Lawrence’s Industrial Heritage.” A big THANK YOU to Karen Brockney for suggesting the title. I’ve contacted Karen about ordering a print for her suggestion.

The History Center is located at 6 Essex Street in Lawrence. They are open Tuesday-Friday from 9:00am to 4:00pm, and Saturdays by appointment.

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  1. I think the high ISO works in this image – Very dramatic – love the history! The Merrimack is no joke in the spring!

  2. Timeless is right. For some reasons it looks like depression era, 1930s to me. Best of luck with the show; good choice on the title.

  3. Geez Bob, what an astonishing image. It is indeed totally timeless my friend. And big congrats on the pending show! I can’t wait to hear how it all goes, we’re really really excited for you!

  4. Sad to think that some places look like that right now due to all of the severe storms and flooding in the South.

    Great image and congrats on the show! 🙂