April 29, 2011

Resistance is Futile

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I tried to resist shooting this. I really did. The back wall had nothing. There was no door, no funky graffiti, no cute model available to pose (and my shooting partner that day, Brian Matiash, was not an option in that department, trust me). Still I shot. I had to.

In fact, it’s impossible to walk into one of these old mills and not grab a shot like this. The support posts demand to be part of an image. They suck you in. Resistance is futile. Just go with it.

What did it for me were the paint chips on the floor and the slightly off center light fixture overhead. That disarray complimented the perfect symmetry of the support posts nicely.

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  1. The texture of the roof is great. I also like how the ground kind of glows. Put those together, and bam! You have a great photo.

  2. I love it Bob! What a great sense of scale and context you’ve achieved here with this absolutely spot-on composition. There’s no way I could have resisted, my friend, no point in expecting you to!