May 1, 2011

Somewhere in Ireland

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Its not just somewhere, I know exactly where this was taken. And I would go back in a heartbeat. This was taken on the west coast of Ireland, in Doolin,Co. Clare. It is looking south towards the Cliffs of Moher. You can see them in the mist on the horizon.

The day I shot this was probably the best day of the trip, so I really wanted the image to work for me. I’ve processed and reprocessed this about a dozen times over the past couple of years, each time tossing the finished file. There was something about it that wasn’t working for me. Today, I figured it out.

The original image was heavy on foreground. The seaweeds took up almost half the frame, competing with the the other elements for dominance.

After processing it (again) from scratch, I simply cropped out a portion of foreground. Now instead of dominating the image, tyey serve as leading lines, pulling you into the image. The image is also nicely divided into thirds.

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  1. Whatever you did, I like it! Great scene and I love the cliffs in the distant background. Excellent shot!