May 3, 2011

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

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There is a really cool spot in Lawrence on the Merrimack River where you can walk under the bridge and get up close and personal with the raging river as it blasts its way over the Great Stone Dam. Its a spot I’ve shot before, but haven’t revisited since they started working on the underside of the bridge (note the platform and chains).

I paid it a visit on Sunday with the fisheye lens. Its a lens that I didn’t know I needed until I bought it. I love its versatility. Depending on the situation, it can bring whimsy or drama to an image.

In this case, I embraced the drama.

Look for another shot from this spot tomorrow.

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  1. Awesome capture!

    Love the water and the great composition, with that lamp post perfectly centered as if it were highlighting everything. Nice work.