May 5, 2011

The Clock

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Every once in a while I manage to grab an image of the mills that transcends the decades – an image that presents a view of the mills as they may have looked to the people who worked in them during the height of the industrial revolution.  This is one of them.

Its a shot of the Ayer Mill Clock Tower from the Duck Mill, located just across the river. I can almost imagine mill workers glancing out the window at the clock periodically throughout the long work day.

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  1. Wow – love this Bob. It has a very nostalgic feel – you’ve given me the feeling of being *in* the mill looking out the window. I love the processing and framing – every pane has a different subject with the full left pane containing the primary subject. Wow – it locks me in.

  2. Wow Bob, what a dramatic image! You can’t help but feel the eyes of everyone who has ever gazed out that window at the clock in your photo… really, a wonderful capture my friend!

  3. That is an interesting thought… there were probably a lot of people who looked hopefully to that clock in anticipation of ending their workday.