May 10, 2011

High Tech Pano

[singlepic id=1368 w=850 float=center]

Here is the alternate shot of the turbine control panel. This one, a T/S panorama.

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  1. I like how the metal scratches are a bit more evident in this shot, also the streaking going on at the bottom of the center panel. Both are great images!

  2. So different from yesterday’s, yet so similar. I like this for the detail and ‘reality’. I like yesterday’s for perspective and mood 🙂

  3. Such an awesome A/B example of different lenses/perspectives. You definitely brought out incredible detail in both shots!

  4. OK, I just wanna reach in there and start randomly flippin’ switches! What a great image Bob! Love the details and textures you’ve brought to life with this image!

  5. Can’t make up my mind which I like better Bob, they are both outstanding! I love the symmetry, balance and rhythm in this one and the textures stand out a little more too. Awesome work man.

  6. Thanks everyone for the great comments! @Steve, funny … I didn’t set out to do an A/B set of the subject. I simply wanted to make sure I nailed the shot. I think the two images can be turned into a decent case study for using the lens selection. One subject, two lenses, two moods.