May 10, 2011

Low Tide

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Last Friday night I made my (almost) monthly trip up to Portsmouth, NH to the Smuttynose Brewery to pick up some of their fine beer. I subscribe to their Big Beer Series (with some friends at the office). This latest edition is their Maibock. Yes, its good.

Anyway, with each release, they invite subscribers up to pick up their cases, sample the beer, eat and socialize. Always fun.

Its also fun to plan some shooting around that event. The plan is usually to drive along the coast either on the way to or from the Smutty Social hour (who doesn’t love a smutty social hour?). This trip was go early and hit the coast after.

I was a little disappointed my visit on Friday coincided with low tide.  I had been hoping for some angry surf. I wanted to tame it with some long exposures. But my attitude quickly changed when I hit Rye Beach, just before sunset.

I’ve got a couple of these images in the queue. I guess its sort of like a Low Tide miniseries. The commonality in the images is in both the location and the processing.

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  1. Great shot. Love the way the rock takes up such a big portion of the frame as it really puts a great sense of scale on this image. Fantastic!

  2. Dude this absolutely ROCKS (no pun intended)! I love the bit of a grunge given in processing, and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing more in this series.