May 16, 2011

The River Hymn

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When I feel the need to just get out and shoot, I often head down to Pemberton Park in Lawrence. The park runs about a quarter mile along the Merrimack River, from the Great Stone Dam to this bridge.

Hitting the same spot over and over again is a great way to improve your skills, and test your gear. Between changes in the seasons, weather, and the lenses you choose, you can challenge yourself to walk away with a new take on a familiar scene.

In this case, I wanted to play with the 10 stop ND filter, on the river. This is a good place for it.

The title comes from a song by one of my favorite bands, appropriately called, The Band. Classic.

On another note:
Tomorrow post is going to be a treat.

Its a new HDR collaboration with a few friends. One set of brackets, 7 interpretations. Joining me will be Mike “Theaterwiz” CriswellJim DenhamJacques GudéMark GarbowskiScott Fredrick, and Rob Hanson.

Don’t miss it.

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  1. Don’t see many color images using the 10-stop and I’m not sure why, cuz this one looks great! Like how the silky water effect works with the light and bridge. Very nice Bob!

  2. I see more and more images with use of these 10 ND stop filters. I think ill pick one up one of these days and try for my self.

    Great shot.

  3. Makes sense… I bet going to the same places helps you hone in on the skill of seeing more that would normally not catch your eye. Nice work!

  4. Excellent long exposure work – very well done. agree that returning to the same location is great – you can have differen conditions that totally change the composition.

    Super shot.

  5. Great perspective, love the photo! and I agree about returning to familiar places to hone the skills, there’s a couple parks near me I use for just such a purpose!