May 21, 2011


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For the first time in over 5 days the sun is shining again here in the Boston area. All week we were trapped by a constant cover of clouds and intermittent rain, spattered with the occasional downpour. Its not a complaint about the weather, especially given some of the flooding we’ve had over the years and — especially — what other parts of the globe have experienced this year.

On the up side, a few days of rainy weather will definitely lead to a change in shooting conditions. And that, I welcome. Late last night I ventured down to the river to shoot the dam. With the rain, I figured the river would be high, thus the water would be violently pouting over the dam. The master of meteorology that I am, I was correct. I shot the dam in a series of long exposure brackets, my feet getting only a little wet from the water splashing over the platform. I’m still working on that image and hope to post it tomorrow.

This one is a little less violent, but also the result of the weather. As the warm air came in last night, the area was enveloped in this eerie fog. As I walked back to my car, I noticed the smokestack almost disappearing into it. I wanted a solid, crisp anchor for the image, so I used the barbed wire fence to help frame the scene.

On another note:
A few people have asked if I had any images from Wednesday evening’s show reception. Well, neither I, nor any member of my family thought to bring a camera. However, the staff at The History Center did. I’ll post a couple along with tomorrow’s image.

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