May 26, 2011

Divin’ Duck Blues

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Sometimes an image is so illustrative of your photographic vision, it just names itself. That was not the case here. So I took a page out of my friend, Jacques Gudé’s playbook and looked to music for inspiration.

The shot is from the Duck Mill, so I searched “duck” in iTunes. Of the thousands of songs by hundreds of artists I have in my library, I thought I’d find a few suggestions. To my surprise, I only found one song with “duck” in the title: “Divin’ Duck Blues.”  Two versions of it actually, one by the original artist, Sleepy John Estes, and a cover of it by Taj Mahal.

Divin’ Duck Blues is a blues standard, covered by dozens of artists, including Johnny Winter and Cream. If you are a fan of the blues, you’ll recognize the lyrics:

Now, If the river was whiskey
I was a divin’ duck
I would dive underwater
Never would come up

Oh … and speaking of Sleepy Jacques Gudé, pop on over to his blog to see the latest HDR Collaborative effort. Its a fun exchange of techniques, just short of a serious competition. We are anything but serious.

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  1. You always find a way to anchor your fisheye images – I love that line down the middle. If the river was Macallan 18, I wouldn’t come up either 🙂

  2. Stairs!!! Gotta love those stairs, Bob! My God, the wonderful details and textures you’ve captured in both the brickwork and the wood that composes the underside of the stairs going up there is just amazing. Fan-flippin-tastic shot here, my friend!

  3. Diving Duck! I actually have that one on the very first Taj album… on original vinyl! First two albums are classics!

    The fish eye was perfect for this one. Excellent!