May 31, 2011


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My trip to Long Island this past weekend didn’t work out quite the way I had planned. My intent was to arrive on Long Island early via the ferry and spend a lot of time shooting on my way to East Northport, my destination for the weekend. On the way home, same thing … Leave early for the 2:00 ferry and shoot my way along the Island through Wine Country. I failed in both attempts. I missed my 10:00 ferry on the way too and had to take a later boat, greatly impacting my shooting time. On the way home, I left myself just enough time to make the 2:00.

I tried to make up for my lack of planning by shooting on and around the boat, and I managed to do a little photo walk through Cow Harbor in Northport. I’m happy with a few of the shots, which I’ll present here this week.

This is one of them. It was shot on the ferry (in case you couldn’t guess) on the way back. These 25¢ tourist sightseeing contraptions always make compelling subjects.

It was shot with my latest favorite combination, my 20mm f2.8 lens, mounted on my D700. The lens is compact, fast and wide. Its a great walking around lens. In processing, I applied a bit of onOne Software’s FocalPoint to help draw the eye in to the subject.

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  1. Great work with FP and I’m a total sucker for these. Have shot a few myself, always find myself attracted to them. Nice shot!