June 1, 2011

Gold Star Memorial Bridge

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The Gold Star Memorial Bridge spans Connecticut’s New London Harbor, not far from the dock of the Cross Sound Ferry. If you’ve ever driven up or down Rte 95 through Connecticut, you probably drove over it. It towers over the harbor and can be seen from miles away as the Ferry from Orient Point on Long Island approaches its dock in the harbor.

This past Sunday, on my own return trip from Long Island, I decided to seek out the base of the bridge and try to get a shot. Even though I still had a two hour drive in front of me, it was still early enough in the day so I figured I could spend an hour shooting, assuming I could find the right spot.

I did — and it didn’t take long. After only one wrong turn, I found signs for the community boat launch, which lead me directly under the bridge. Awesome. With free parking. Bonus. And it was low tide. I was able to take my time finding the right spot to shoot from.

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  1. I love how this feels like it should be symmetrical, but you framed it so it is not. Great use for b/w as well.

  2. classic shot, love the effects and angle. found your link on steve beal’s blog today from your comment.

  3. Jackpot! Sounds like the planets were in alignment. Excellent image!