June 8, 2011

A World Away

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Lo Presti Park in East Boston offers a great view of the Boston skyline. Adjacent to the park are these great decaying piers, easily accessible at low tide, which was when Brian Matiash and I hit it this past Sunday.

We got there late in the afternoon and shot through sunset. After a couple of hours of shooting, I walked away thinking I had a good variety of images. I thought I could, maybe, make a week-long series out of it. But no. Most of what I shot was similar to this. The city, the piles sticking out of the water, the sky. So no series. I’ll post the handfull of “keepers” over weeks, not days. I don’t want to bore everyone.

This scene was begging for a panorama treatment and my 24mmPC-E was more than willing to do the job. Typically, a panorama with a tilt/shift lens is a piece of cake. The camera remains stationary on the tripod so all you have to do is simply shift the lens from left to right. Just shoot and shift. Any stitching application can easily pull the images together. At least that’s what I thought.

While elements on the two shores remained stationary, the clouds and contrails in the sky were moving at a fairly brisk pace. Photoshop’s stitching feature had some trouble processing the pano to the point where the sky was choppy and the buildings of downtown Boston were ghosted. I spent more time masking than I anticipated, but I think the effort was worth it.

I hope you agree.

As with all of my images, be sure to click on it to view it in a thickbox overlay.

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  1. Beauty pano Bob! Love the contrast from one side of the water to the other and I think the black and white works perfectly!

  2. Stunning pano Bob. Love how it goes from a darker view on the bottom to a brighter view on the top of the frame. Simply wonderful!

  3. Stunning scene, love the contrast of the piers against the city, black and white is totally rocking it here.

  4. A true masterpiece, to say the very least! Wow, Bob, what a great capture here, I really appreciate the effort and time that went into the making of this. You’ve nailed it, my friend, this is awesome!

  5. This is very good! I’m not sure I appreciate how much work went into it during pp but I certainly appreciate the result. I know exactly what you mean by thinking after shoot that you’ll have enough usable images for a series only to find there are only a handful you wish to publish. Frustrating at times, but not when one of the images is something like this.

  6. Bob, the first thing that struck me was the contrast between the high-tech city in the distance and the rustic shoreline. Very well done!

  7. Great pano Bob – missed this yesterday. You definitely captured Lo Presti well, I dig the contrast between the aged wood and modern buildings in the background.