June 9, 2011

Duck Mill Door

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A quick post today from the Duck Mill in Lawrence.

I think I took the lead from Brian, my shooting partner that day. I switched to the long lens to compress things. A bit of a challenge in big wide open area like this mill building. I didn’t realize when I shot this that Brian grabbed a similar shot.  Well, at least its of the same door.

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  1. That row of lights at the top of the frame really works to lead the eye all the way to that door at the end. Awesome framing, Bob!

  2. Agreed. That row of lights really works well in this. Great shot!

  3. Wow, Bob, this one is awesome. I love the DOF here and how the lights in the front are really a touch out of focus, drawing us right to that wonderful door. I love shooting doors, I tend to do it a lot. Now I really want a telephoto lens so I can get some of this juicy compression going on, it’s incredible!!