June 12, 2011

The Cross

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After an insane Friday of shooting in New York City, I was determined to post an image from the trip today. The problem is, I’m completely overwhelmed by the volume on images I have to sift through. And I don’t think I shot NEARLY as much as others on the trip.

On the train ride home yesterday, I blasted through a bunch of images, quickly processing them to kill the 4 hour trip trudge back to Boston. However, the outdated software on my little Mac Book won’t cut it. I want to take my time and process the images with the proper tools here on my main machine. So, not wanting to renege on my promise to myself, here is an iPhone shot from NYC. A great little church across from my friend, Steve Beal’s office.

And about the insane day. I’ll have a lot to show and a lot to say about it as the images roll out. But for starters, I want to thank Steve and Chris Robins for organizing the day. I’d link to Chris’ site, but he doesn’t have one yet. When he does, I guarantee it will be a daily stop. He’s a character. Great photographer, talented writer and funny as hell.

OK. Off to process some NYC images.

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  1. I look at this church every day from my office window, the inside is more beautiful than the outside, it’s a little gem parked dead smack in the middle of the Garment District. It’s so great to see my neighborhood through the eyes of others, especially ones who haven’t seen it before. Great great day shooting with you Bob, the first of many, I guarantee it.