June 14, 2011

From Lo Presti Park

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Here is another image of the Boston skyline from East Boston’s Lo Presti Park.

I’m not sure if it’s the subject or my own evolution, but I’ve processed most of the images I shot that day in B&W. Maybe a little bit of both.

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  1. Dig this Bob – my eye is drawn to the milky looking water in the front right around the log/pylon and then right through the frame. Nice comp.

  2. Really interesting shot. I like the city scape in the background. It’s different from how I normally see this sort of thing.

  3. Stunning image! I love how the pylons lead the eye right to the city skyline. Great detail in the shoreline as well.

  4. Is this photo for sale? I love it and want to hang it in my home! Thanks.