June 16, 2011

The Terminal

When I went to New York last week my focus was the same as any other shoot: capture some solid images. My secondary goal, time and opportunity permitting, was to capture some DSLR time lapse sequences. I’m really thrilled to say I succeeded on both fronts.

I showed up early for the shoot to grab a sequence of the entrance. Then, after the formal tour, parked my tripod in the mezzanine level and shot down on the main terminal floor.

I pulled the video together pretty quickly, and overall, I’m really happy with it. I hope you enjoy it too.

A couple of things to look for in this video … Outdoors, look for the pigeon flying in front of the camera. Tell me in comments where it goes (I want to make sure you’re paying attention). Indoors, look for Dan Brucker, winding up his tour. He was fantastic. Great guy. Great host.

I want to thank Jeff Beck for unknowingly contributing his great song, “Thx138” to the effort. Note to Jeff, This is totally for fun. If I EVER make a dime on this video, I will definitely cut you in.

I also want to give a shout out to my friends on this tour (all mentioned in the credits). It was a great day. Be sure to check out the work of Steve Beal, Jesse Pafundi, Brian Matiash, Brian Furbush, Scott Wyden and Chris Robins.

Thanks guys, for a great day!

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  1. Dude, this rocked. Okay so the pigeon flies behind the green sign on the bridge. I love the TS style of both timelapses. Wonderful.

    And the second one is great. In the center I notice a girl that is probably good looking standing there the entire time in boots, etc, barely moving until at the very end she finally meets someone and walks off. And I also liked the group of people in the middle that never really moved, but one guy in yellow got a phone call and is walking around a few feet every now and then to get in a new position. So funny.

    Well done man, the music is awesome too 🙂

  2. This is something I’ve been wanting to try. Very cool. I love seeing those people walking right toward the camera in the first scene.

  3. Wow, loved it…music was a great choice. Curious, was the outside light that constant or did you have to sync the shots in post? Would love more details of the whole process. You definitely rocked it!

  4. Wonderful video man. I like the second set as you see so much foot traffic and then just a few people standing there, almost not moving. I honed in on a guy in the upper left wearing a stripped shirt that seemed to be playing the role of a statue as he rarely moved at all. This was really cool.

  5. I love time-lapse photography and you did a nice job with this one. It took me a couple of views to notice the pigeon. What I thought was interesting is the frame rate seemed to capture the stride of some people in such a way that it looked like they were sliding along rather than walking. Very cool.

  6. Dude, you’re so good sometimes you frighten me. This is AWESOME! I swear I saw Elvis there for a glimpse, by the front door. He was trying to look nonchalant, but was gone in a flash, too. I just love the part with the couple in the main terminal there getting their picture taken. You can see them stand, the flash go off, then they look at the camera with the photographer person… and go and do it again. AWESOME work here, my friend!

  7. This is really cool. The pigeon is hiding behind the sign on the bridge. What I find really cool in the first part of the timelaps is the frames are perfectly sync to the steps that people take, so the same foot is always in front of the other one. Looks hillarous. John Cleese couldnt have done that any better.
    Great video. More more.. 🙂

  8. great timelapse. pigeon flies to sign. people look like claymation figures – very cool treatment with the frame setting. dig the music. riiiiight. KO-neeee-chi-waaaahhhh!
    lovin’ it. thanks for the shout-outs, we’ll rock the mills.

  9. Bob so sorry I missed this yesterday! Beautiful timelapse… I love the way you start and end with a still… I could watch this all day!

  10. Awesome Bob, I must have missed this when I was on the road in SF. The pigeon flew left to right and under the bridge I think. As for Dan, it was a bit overwhelming. I couldn’t even tell you where Waldo was. Great video!