June 19, 2011

Brooklyn Bound

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I credit Scott for this shot. I stole the idea from him.

While walking across the Brooklyn Bridge I noticed my friend, Scott Wyden Kivowitz throwing caution to the wind. He was shooting from high overhead with his camera secured to his extended tripod and release cable in hand. My first thought was, “What an idiot. He might drop it.” My second thought was, “why didn’t I think of that.” So I stole the idea.

Of course I went one better. I thought it would be doubly stupid to hang my camera over oncoming traffic. What the hell. If I was going to drop the camera, I might as well do it right and cause a major accident in the process.

Anyway, after I got this shot, I thought it was definitely worth the risk.

As far as the theft of the idea, Scott got me back by stealing my shot on the other side of the bridge. Well, he didn’t really steal it. But he killed it. I mean it’s a killer shot! Check it out.

And here is Scott with his rig:

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  1. love the angle and motion of the cars below….good thing the tripod popo where not around to ask for your permit! hahahaha.

  2. This came out so awesome, totally blows my version away!

  3. I saw the photo and i asked myself “how the hell??”.

    Then i collected myself once i understood the process.

    If one of you falls – be sure (the other one) to take a shoot !

    Just kidding 🙂

  4. I have a similar concept posting to the blog tomorrow. I really dig your take on it, dude. Such good times.

  5. You definitely executed on the idea and shot. It shows the importance of having a vision and going beyond novelty.