June 22, 2011

A Twisted Building

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I figured it was a Gehry building when I saw it. So distinctive. So unique. So gorgeous.

It stands over lower Manhattan, the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere. 870 feet tall.

I shot it from the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge when we got off the subway. I thought of my my friend and gifted photographer, Dave Wilson, a fan of Gehry’s work.

When Dave visited us here in Boston last summer, he made a point to get over to Cambridge to shoot the Strata Center, another Gehry design. That’s a fan.

And if you are in the market for a unique new home, be sure to check out the building’s website. Especially the film.

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  1. Now that’s another cool-looking building and a perfect monochrome subject. Very nicely done, Bob! This reminds me of a rather more angular version of Chicago’s Aqua building.

    BTW, I should point out that, not only did I head over to Cambridge to see the Stata Center, I walked there and back. It didn’t look too far on the map but my feet begged to differ by the time I got back to work that morning.

  2. Such a unique building, we walked out of the subway, I saw it and instantly knew you and Brian would be tripoding up 🙂 -I’m with BFurb, wish I had too. Love the diagonal comp.

  3. Author

    Thanks all. I’m glad I stopped to shoot it. Unlike some of you, It’s not something I can get back to shoot very easily.