June 23, 2011

Looking Forward

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As I’ve said before, these 25¢ tourist binoculars are hard to pass up, especially when you are stuck on a ferry for an hour. This one is also from my Memorial Day Weekend trip to Long Island.

The title is less about the image and more my state of mind.  And my state of mind is good. I’m looking forward to some good times, some good shoots and some good opportunities this summer, and (I hope) into the fall and winter.

I’m looking forward to shooting some new old local 18th century buildings. It’s creative preservation.

I’m looking forward to shooting with friends this summer. It’s creatively rewarding.

I’m looking forward to escaping everything to shoot alone. It’s also creatively rewarding.

I’m looking forward to reshooting things I’ve already shot in a different way. It’s creatively challenging.

Finally, I’m looking forward to sharing my knowledge, experiences and passion with others. It’s creatively sharing.

Today, I’m just looking forward.

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  1. Great shot Bob and a great post! I think sharing our experiences and the creativity of others are the driving force in a lot of us.

  2. Great image, but what a fantastic post. I need to remind myself what I am looking forward to more often. Great post all around man!

  3. Great shot and awesome point of view Bob – looking forward to doing many of the same things myself. Also, these binoculars might be one of my favorite subjects to shoot, aside from babies.

  4. Wait? Are you looking forward? 🙂

    Love the shot – I actually am a huge fan of the pole on the left, it really balances the image.

  5. Interesting perspective of focusing on a binocular machine on a boat in the ocean. It really makes you wonder about all the people who sailed on the boat, what kind of journey they must have had. The possibilities are endless like the open sea that this image captures.

  6. Nice positive post – I hope that all you are looking forward to comes to fruition!

    As for the image – lovely Dof and sweet toning.