June 25, 2011

Meet Brian

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If I had a dollar for every email or comment I received that started with “I found your site through Brian Matiash’s site” I’d have … let me see … um … Well, certainly I’d have more than few bucks in my pocket! So I’m sure most of my readers are familiar with his work. Most probably know his ugly face, since Brian is the man behind the terrific onOne Software Webinars.

But in case you’ve never seen him in his element, here he is. Duck Mill, Lawrence, MA – April, 2011.

Brian is a great friend and great shooting partner. He’s also a great motivational force. More than once, he’s coercing my into long drives to shoot something that may or may not (but usually is) worth shooting. Some of my favorite images have come out of those ill-conceived, improperly planned adventures.

And of course, he is a great inspiration. When he goes off hunting photographic treasure and usually brings back solid gold. And he is happy to share the thinking behind his images.

Be sure to take advantage of Brian’s knowledge. Check out the onOne Software Webinars.

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  1. Terrific capture of Brian in his element, Bob. If Brian ever does a book he should use this image for the book jacket.

  2. HA!

    I just caught this post on my RSS. Thank you so much for the kind words, that means a lot to me. I’m glad we have so many opportunities to get out and make some sick shots. Looking forward to even more.

    And I am with BF, it’s best for everyone that my face isn’t in frame. 🙂