June 27, 2011

Lincoln Woods

[singlepic id=1441 w=850 float=center]

I spent a couple of days up in Lincoln, NH this past weekend. I was dead set on coming back with lots of images for the blog. No such luck. I spent far less time shooting than I hoped, therefore came back with far fewer images. This is one of them.

Lincoln Woods is a hiking trail in White Mountains National Forest on the Lincoln side of the Kancamangus Highway. The Kancamangus is a 32 mile stretch of road boasting gorgeous views of the White Mountains. Anyway, I didn’t venture too deep into the woods. I spent an hour or so shooting at the river near the park entrance.

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  1. Great shot Bob! I feel the pain of coming back from an outing with fewer shots than you want or even with a bunch of unusable shots.

  2. I love bridges in photographs. They really add a sense of mystery and romance if done well. This is one such example. GREAT photo here, Bob, love the composition and the effect of your processing on this scene!

  3. Great shot – love the foreground, the round rocks, silky water – all of leads very nicely into the rest of the image.

  4. Dang. I wrote a comment and must have neglected to hit “post”.

    I love this one. Those boulders in the foreground are sweet indeed!