June 28, 2011

Just Grand

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This shot begged for the Fisheye treatment. I had already shot a very linear, perspectively correcte long exposure shot from the opposite side (stay tuned for that) but something was missing. I thought a shot showing the clamor of commuters, seemingly oblivious to grandeur of the marble and chandeliers would be, well, just grand.

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  1. Wonderful framing and perspective. I am digging your processing as well, those walls can get very warm and orange – very nice, grungy treatment. Psyched to see the long exposure… keep em coming!

  2. Wonder framing and perspective. The ghosting of the people walking by do a great job to add in a sense of life to this shot. Wonderful work.

  3. Agree on the pedestrians. That’s really a fun shot…:)

  4. Bob, you’re so inspiring, my friend. What a top drawer image here, fan-flippin-tastic! Love the contrast of all the movement along with the crisp details of the static elements!

  5. Nicely processed and you’ve caught the serenity of the ceiling and walls juxtaposed with the movement at the bottom of the frame – very good indeed.