July 3, 2011

A Camera

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Somewhere on my son’s cell phone camera is an image of me pointing a D700 with an 50mm f1.4 lens at him.

I really enjoy going through my older catalogs. I learn things like how my shooting style has changed and how my processing skills (HDR or not) have evolved. I also occasionally find some gems, like this one. This was completely overlooked when I shot it last July. I processed it this morning. The B&W conversion was done using NIK software’s Silver Efex Pro.

It’s a piece of software that I have wanted for a while, but for a couple of reasons, was very reluctant to buy. Its a long story that I was not going to get into. Let’s just say I had a bad experience with their customer service – or policy, after I bought a piece of their software. I swore I was not going to be a customer of theirs again, but here we are.

I enjoy the BW conversion process using NIK’s Silver Efex. I wish onOne Software had a similar product.

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