July 6, 2011

The Hustle

[singlepic id=1450 w=850 h= float=center]

Hang around Grand Central for a few hours and you bear witness to a never ending ballet of hustling commuters (actually I think that is two different dances). I tried to capture it in my time lapse video, but also wanted to show it in a single image.

The beautiful golden walls of Grand Central can dominate an image. Not a bad thing, of course. However, I went with black and white for this to keep the focus on that ballet. Or hustle. Whatever.

In this case, the BW processing was done using onOne Software’s PhotoTools. I also added a tilt shift effect using onOne’s FocalPoint in order to anchor the focus to the floor of the terminal.

On another note, If you are just stopping in after the long weekend, you may have noticed the new look to my Blog. It is mostly superficial. I was partly motivated out of boredom with the old look. While none of the core functionality has changed, I do plan to make some improvements to my own personal best practices. My tagging and categorizing leaves a lot to be desired and any integration with my SmugMug account is … well … minimal, at best.

So more changes coming. Some visual, some behind the scenes.

Comments on the new look are welcomed.

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  1. Great photography, and I dig the new look of your blog. You and Brian must have been scheming together. Funny thing is I’ve been toying with a blog refresh as well, though not sure where to take things. I think I need a consult!

  2. Love the new look here, Bob, subtle as it may be. Your blog is a huge highlight of my day. Today’s post is just AWESOME. There’s something about perspectives and selective focus like you’ve employed here that makes me feel somewhat inconsequential as a human. Awesome work, my friend!

  3. I love what you did with this image… Is it a still from the timelapse? I love that Danny Brucker’s tour is huddled up next to the info booth. Really nicely done Bob.

  4. Author

    Thanks guys, … Steve, its not from the time lapse. I switched lenses when I was done with that and shot this, almost on a whim. I wanted to get a shot with the staircase in. I had overlooked it when I went through the images initially. I’m glad I revisited it.

  5. OOooohh I love it! Well done. I like the new feel to the blog as well. I am struggling with what I want to do with mine, still using the one I came up with when I started… We shall see… Any tips?