July 10, 2011

A Bridge in Portsmouth

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I found myself hopping along the coast of Maine and New Hampshire this weekend. I was in Portsmouth, NH on Friday evening and Portland Maine on Saturday afternoon. In both cases I wasn’t out specifically to shoot, but I tried to squeeze in a shot here and there. Both cities are exceedingly photogenic. I wish I had more time to shoot them. Of course, I can always go back.

This bridge is in Portsmouth. I think its the Memorial Bridge, but I’m not sure. My friend and fine photographer, Philip Cohen can tell you the name of it for sure. Philip runs The Daily Portsmouth, a daily visual treat of photographs almost exclusively of Portsmouth. Be sure to check it out.

Philip has the definitive shots of Portsmouth. I hope i did this bridge justice. Whatever its name is.

While in the Portland area yesterday, I made a point of stopping at Cape Elizabeth to shoot Portland Head Lighthouse. That’s coming up later this week.

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  1. i know less than you about the name of the bridge, but, this i know. great shot. and i think you did get the name right after looking at phil cohen’s site.