July 11, 2011

Portland Head Light

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As I mentioned yesterday, I was in Portland, Maine over the weekend. Not specifically to shoot, but I figured while I was there I would make the time to shoot something if I possibly could.

My target was Portland Head Light on Cape Elizabeth. The first time I saw it in person was about 10 years ago, when I ran the Beach to Beacon Road Race – a great 10k race that finishes at the lighthouse.

It is one of the iconic lighthouses in Maine. It is often photographed, so nothing really new here, except its my take on it.

I arrived at the lighthouse during the Golden Hour. The park was a half hour from closing. I walked down to the rail along the walkway and proceeded to lower my gear over the fence that separates the tourists from the rocks on the shore, then hopped over the fence.

A young woman, toting a Canon DSLR, looked at me and asked, “You can DO that?” I responded, “We’ll see!”

As it turned out, I was able to. At least for the 20 minutes I needed to get the angles and exposures I wanted.

This is one of three from the session that I was happy with. It is a 2 second exposure, at f2.8, using the 10 stop ND filter.  The other two, are similar, but different.

One is a much longer exposure at a narrower aperture, processed in B&W. The other is from further back.

They will also make the Blog over the next couple of weeks.

On another Note:
I’m really happy to be part of an HDR collaboration group. Every couple of weeks a group of us get together to process one set of brackets, graciously generated by one of the group. This time around, my friend Jim Denham provided a great image for us to tackle. Be sure to check out the post.

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  1. Really dig this shot Bob, glad you decided to shoot one open at 2.8 – really dig that slowed water, but not so much that it’s completely glassy.

  2. Bob, this shot is nutso awesome.

    Also, not sure if I missed something, but your site design looks amazing! Love the new look.

  3. I absolutely love your work. Your processing is so very sympathetic to the subject and really makes us take in all the wonder of the scene here! I LOVE the silky effect of the water against the shore there in contrast to that amazing lighthouse!! Wow, Bob, this is so very great!

  4. Great image Bob, love the use of the big stopper, hoping to get a few of these in next week when I’m away at the coast.
    I love the “You can do that” comment, I’ve done it many a time to odd looks from passers by.

  5. Very beautiful shot, Bob. Love the second lighthouse in the distance behind it. The fact that you jumped off the beaten path sets your shot apart from the norm. Awesome!

  6. Sweet, the way the water is moving in the foreground the the lighthouse watching over it (and you) in the distance. Good thing those MTA police at GCT are not hopping up to the coast to check on your behavior. And yes, you can do that until you cannot do that. Tasty.

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  8. I was the young woman who asked if you could jump the fence to take this picture. Your photos are gorgeous! I wished I would have jumped the fence 🙂 We enjoyed our time in Maine.

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