July 12, 2011

A Wrench in the Works

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So back to the New York images. This one is not very iconic but comes with a pretty funny story.

It was shot in the sub-basement of Grand Central. This gigantic wrench was sitting on the end of one of the remaining generator contraptions, or whatever they are. I would know for sure, if I was paying attention to Dan, the Tour Guide. Unfortunately, I was too overwhelmed by the surroundings to pay attention. I think I heard him talking about Hitler’s obsession with sabotaging Grand Central, something about spies, sand, they got caught, I think … Not sure 🙂

Anyway, I had to shoot this wrench. And I had to do it with the fisheye. I set up with lens only inches from the thing, made a couple of framing adjustments then fired off some brackets.

A few minutes later one of the people on the tour (not part of our misfit photography group) approached me. He asked me what the attraction was. “Did I miss a detail?” he asked. “I saw you shoot it close up and then looked really close and didn’t see anything special!”

As politely as I could, I told him it wasn’t about the details, it was about the shapes. It was about the overall composition.  Then I showed him the file on the LCD. He seemed satisfied with the answer.

On a technical note … While I did fire off some brackets, this image was not destined for HDR. For me, its strength was in the shadows. I worked with the base exposure and did the B&W conversion in Lightroom.

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  1. Wow Bob, at first glance I thought that was a 12 foot wrench – it looks huge! Great composition (and shapes ;). Reminds me of something I’d see in Dr. Who.

  2. Bob, awesome capture, great decision to go non-HDR. I have a similar portrait cropped version of the wrench I’ve been struggling with- yours absolutely kills, love that light burst… everything.

  3. always in the details…no comment on the guy in question who dared question you…a wrench like no other…great stuff.

  4. I do love the image in b&w, but since you did bracket some shots, a low dose of HDR and b&w would look really cool together.