July 13, 2011

Page IV

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The fourth edition of the Wool Dye Recipe Book series.

I’m finding it’s difficult doing a macro series on one subject. I have a bunch of images of one small object with similar tone and similar elements. Reviewing what I shot, there are a few images that are similar to others. Its probably compounded by the fact that only a couple of pages of the book would stay open for me as I shot. After all, I didn’t want to break this old relic.

As difficult as it is, it is also challenging. And I love a challenge. I look at what I shot and how I shot them and start thinking of ways to approach the subject differently. I will probably shoot the book again, as part of a project, so it’s a good conversation to have with myself.

Anyway … I have a few more from the initial session and I will definitely present at least a couple of more.

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  1. Nice one Bob – still loving this series – the processing just draws me into the frame and makes me want to read / see more of this book!

  2. i really can’t get enough of these vintage books and shots which show how work used to get done in the now defunct industry….very cool, important to keep these items as historical artifacts of a bygone era. i know some folks in NYC at FIT that would love to display these…that for another conversation.

  3. I talk to myself all the time, the only problem is most of the people in the institution here think I’m a little off center. I just LOVE this series of shots, Bob! I have been showing them to Mrs. Toad as we go along here, to show her what top drawer close up work of an absolutely incredible subject truly is supposed to look like. Awesome work, can’t wait to see more!

  4. like this one.Interesting that you write that its hard to process the same subject over and over. I think that if you have enough variety in the images you’ve shot – angle DoF etc you can end up with a great series, but if the initial images aren’t there then it becomes really hard work. I think its also very easy to process them all the same, or very differently – it depends upon what you’re trying to achieve.