July 14, 2011

110 TRACKS 109

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While shooting Grand Central in the middle of the day, the last thing I expected was to be able to plop my tripod down and grab a shot with absolutely no people in it.

Now don’t get me wrong. It’s not that I don’t like people. Some of my favorite people are people. Some of my favorite images actually have people in them. But Grand Central Terminal is all about people. It sees constant daily flow of thousands of individuals headed to thousands of destinations with thousands of stories.  

To pop my tripod down and get this shot was something else.

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  1. “Some of my favorite people are people.” Hilarious! Great shot! You gotta seize those opportunities when they arise.

  2. Wonderful line and really dig the warm tones on the outside contrasting the cooler tones in the center. Great work all around on this shot!

  3. i love this shot. whenever you can capture an image of a place that is so filled with action, with no action, it makes for such a different experience, through the photo. midday seems like midnight. no ‘runners’ as i call them hustling to catch the train before it departs….you should see how many ‘runner’s there are going to 109 & 110 at rush hour. i think i will take some pics of runners and make that a post. once my blog is officially up.

  4. Really cool shot, I know exactly what you mean. Gotta take those moments when they come man.

    2 many peeps n meh framez!

  5. You got this shot while the terminal was OPEN? Get out! I can’t even begin to fathom this. Wow, Bob, this shot seems to go on forever if you spend some time with the subtle details. I love great architectural work, and this shot does not disappoint; tons of great textures and fine details to enjoy!

  6. I agree with Chris Nitz about the color difference between the warm marble on the outside and the cool/greenish glow from the tracks area. Makes for an interesting contrast.