July 15, 2011

Think Different

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I wish I could remember whose Blog post it was that urged photographers to apply the message behind this classic Apple slogan to their photography marketing. It was a good read. I think it also applies to an experience I had yesterday.

Yesterday I attended one of onOne Software’s Webinars, hosted by my friend and fine photographer, Brian Matiash. This particular Webinar was the launch of a new series called “onOne takes on.”

During the session, Brian takes an image or set of bracketed images provided by another photographer, but previously unseen by him. He processes it to his liking, then reveals the version processed by the original photographer.

In this episode, Brian “took on” images from three friends of mine – Jesse Pafundi, Heath O’Fee and Jacques Gudé – and applied his own stylization to their images. It was a demonstration of the vision thing. In the same way any two photographers can approach the same subject and come away with two unique images. The image is unique to the vision of the photographer. The same is true in processing. With the tools available today, images can be stylized in any number of ways.

Of course, I always understood the vision thing. I contribute to HDR Tennis and HDR collaborations, so I have processed other photographers’ work to my personal preferences. But I took away something else from the webinar.

As Brian was processing the images, he was talking his way through it. At seemingly every step of the process I thought, “I would not have thought of that!”

I walked away with new ideas. Or maybe I walked away stealing Brian’s ideas. Whatever the case, it was something of an epiphany. I realized I need to break the routine and try something new.

After the webinar, I went through my catalog and found this two year old image – untouched. I had passed over it dozens of times, never really moved to do anything with it.  So decided to process it. I  stole borrowed was heavily influenced by Brian’s work on my friends’ images.

So, thanks Brian, for making me “Think Different” about my own work.

On a final note, I urge you to check out the “onOne Takes on” webinar. It aired live yesterday and is now available on YouTube.

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  1. Good tips and nice image! Like the cool, gritty feel. “In the same way any two photographers can approach the same subject and come away with two unique images.” One of the things I love most about photography.

  2. Very cool Bob, and definitely a good message to take to heart. I really dig your shot as well, glad you found it again in the archives!

  3. Love the end result you got on this image. Amazing at how watching someone else work can trigger creativity and new ideas!

  4. Great great post Bob. That webinar was an eye opener for me as well as I learned quite a few techniques never before realized. Thanks for the link!

  5. Good GOD! This is absolutely incredible Bob. This is definitely still done in your style, no doubt about it, but I do detect a couple minor variances I can’t quite put my finger on… other than to say I LOVE THIS! The trolly car in the frame there just jumps right out; what a fabulous effect.

  6. Excellent tilt-shift effect, Bob. Looks like the awesome miniature dioramas I saw in Hamburg last week.