July 16, 2011

The Control Room

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This is a shot of Grand Central’s Control Room, shot from the Situation Room which is wrongly referred to as The War Room by the press. So said our guide, Dan Brucker.

After lugging our gear through, around and below Grand Central, this stop was a welcomed break. It was air conditioned. There was water. And I tripped over Brian Matiash’s tripod, almost sending his Canon 5DM2 crashing to the ground. But I digress.

Before Dan pushed the button revealing the Control Room, he had us sit around a big table where he pointed out all the televisions on which the Powers that Be monitor news coverage of whatever tragedy or natural disaster necessitates the converging of the Powers that Be.

He even showed us the big board. But rather than try to describe it, I can just show you. Sort of.

The scene looked a lot like this:

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  1. Awesome shot Bob, also like the others, must have a wild experience being below the “Grand”

  2. What a totally fabulous post today Bob! This image here today is just astounding. Do I have to kill myself now that I’ve seen this? It’s amazing to see what’s underneath all the infrastructure above, great shot here my friend.

  3. I think I mislead people on this post. The Situation Room is actually on the 7th floor of GCT. We went there after our journey below. The 7th floor is inaccessible to the general public.

    Sorry for the confusion.