July 18, 2011


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I had no clue what this gothic looking building was when I shot it. I found out it was the Woolworth Building when my friend Scotty, from Toad Hollow Photo saw it in another post of mine and mistakenly commented on it being the Empire State Building. He was quickly corrected.

Anyway, stepping off the subway in Lower Manhattan before we made our way across the Brooklyn Bridge, I was immediately taken by this really cool building. Just had to shoot it.

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  1. Whoaw, what a great building here Bob! Ooops, sorry for being wrong earlier on that, I guess when a Toad gets on in years, his vision ain’t what it once was. LOL I hope that’s a good enough excuse. Anyways, I just LOVE the composition you’ve taken for this image, and the sky in the background there give the tower some extra interest and contrast. Top drawer my friend!

  2. Was that me who did the correcting? 😮 No harm meant Toad 😉 Cool shot Bob! I like the tone of the image. The Gothic style of the building alone gives it a mysterious look. It’s a very beautiful building. The inside looks amazing too, but I’ve only been able to peek in. They immediately shoo visitors away.