July 19, 2011


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A candid portrait of my son Ryan, taken last summer. I re-worked it using curves and layers to stylize it a bit. Nothing too fancy. It was taken during his “hippie” phase, which is he’s probably not completely done with. Although, he has gotten a haircut since then.

The image was taken with my trusty nifty 50, shot wide open at f1.4.

So why the late post, you ask? I usually try to prep my post the night before and schedule it to publish at 8:00 am the following morning. Last night, as I was getting ready to pick an image, our two dogs got sprayed by a skunk. Between trying to de-skunk the dogs and de-stink the house, that pretty much derailed my evening, and all but trashed my day today.

Neither task is completely done. I’m considering just shuttering the house and moving into a cardboard box. Or maybe a van, down by the river.

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  1. Awesome portrait, Bob! I enjoy the fact that only the first eye is in focus because of the super shallow depth of field. Gotta love the fast 50mm 🙂

  2. Lovely portrait Bob. I feel your skunk-induced pain. One of our dogs got slimed last year. I’ll try to look out the recipe for the magic potion that got rid of the smell if that would help. One thing I do remember is that it does include baking soda but has absolutely no tomato juice in it.