July 20, 2011

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Here is another image from the Recipe Book macro series.

If you are new here, the Recipe Book is a 19th century, hand written book containing recipes for wool dye used in the textile industry, complete with little dyed wool samples. It is small, fragile and intriguing.

I spent a couple of hours, a few weeks ago doing a macro study of it, in all its fragility.

Here are the other images in the series.

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  1. I love what you’ve done with DoF here, it’s razor thin and I think it draws the eye exactly where it needs to go. Is this FP or wide app in camera? Really enjoying this series of shots!

  2. I totally LOVE this series, Bob, you’ve brought this old book back to life for us all to enjoy! Wonderful composition and framing in today’s shot, you can really feel the care and respect you had while capturing these inherently in the image itself. Top drawer!